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play-room UK buying group

The toy division of AIS was launched in June 2008. In addition to AIS department store members, many garden centres and independent retailers have now joined the division and are offering toys and related items for children.

plaY-room has over 80 members with more than 200 retail outlets.

play-room import programme

Beneficial trading terms have been agreed with more than 130 suppliers and plaY-room continues to offer both Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer import programmes giving members access to more than 800 branded and non-branded toys at high margin.

toy gift logo

Our annual Toy show combines with gifts for all occasions. INDX Toys & Nursery Gift (Formerly the Independent Toy & Gift Show) takes place at Cranmore Park, Solihull.

This event is open to non-member retailers who can find out more details from our website: