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Glasswells began over 65 years ago in Bury St Edmunds and went on to become the biggest family run furnishing company in East Anglia, and one of the best in the UK, through their 4 stores.

Glasswells joined AIS in 1981 and Managing Director for over 20 years, Paul Glasswell, is also a former AIS Chairman.

The first small town centre shop would fit many times over into the 100,000 sq. ft. edge of town “World of Furniture” store that is now their Bury St Edmunds flagship and a destination shop for a customer catchment of miles around. Glasswells sets out to give inspiration throughout their showrooms and is built on core values of quality, value for money and after sales service.

As a member of AIS, Glasswells source product across a wide number of our merchandise categories such as linens and housewares as well as furniture, helping them to fulfill their customer focused values.