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Barton Grange

Barton Grange have been involved with AIS since 2008 and are a leading example of a growing number of Garden Centre members. They are regular winners of awards for horticulture, their restaurants and Christmas displays and have recently been voted the "GCA Destination Garden Centre of the Year 2015".

The Topping family started business in Preston with the opening of a hotel in 1951 and son, Eddie Topping, made the pioneering move into Garden Centres in 1963. From then, that Garden Centre has grown to truly be a destination for visitors from miles around and epitomises the way that sector has developed to provide new and exciting shopping opportunities constantly adapting to changing customer needs.

In common with many of our other garden centre members Barton Grange saw great benefits in being part of AIS for the sourcing of cookshop products and our specialist buying and merchandising team helped to set up a new department which has gone on to be extremely successful and another reason for customers to visit.

Today the main Barton Grange Garden Centre, together with a second at Bolton, is run by Guy Topping whilst Eddie’s two other sons, Peter and Ian, run a complementary landscaping and nursery business and the much changed hotel respectively.