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We announced last year a tie up with Packshot/Fashot as our preferred photography provider and there is a discount deal of 20% off standard studio costs for AIS members already in place.

Since then they have undertaken several cut out and lifestyle roomset shoots for us on fashion, flooring, furniture and beds and many examples of their work can be seen in this brochure as well as having been offered out to members for marketing and website use.



Packshot/Fashot are the largest provider of their type with several London studios and, to date, have been conducting our shoots at a regional studio in Newcastle under Lyme. They will be moving much closer to home as they are opening a new studio in a unit just 2 minutes from the AIS offices.

Logistically this makes it easier for us to commission more photography but also makes it more accessible for suppliers and members to use, especially in conjunction with shows or if here on other business.

A key benefit of the relationship is the building over time of different room-sets that can be re-used or refreshed at minimal cost. This should be particularly attractive to furniture members who can save on the cost of set-builds and put their own groupings together if not available from suppliers.

We had more information on the potential uses of the studio in the marketing area of the conference exhibition.

packshot images