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Created in 2008 to support members’ toy buying, plaY-room has achieved year-on-year growth and posted £18m at cost in its sixth full year.

Working with 82 members across 204 retail outlets, plaYroom has become a valuable conduit between our retailers and toy suppliers. We have become a reliable, stable but energetic force within the UK toy market. Working closely with the industry and the product; we give our members the tools they need to deliver an excellent service to their customers and a healthy bottom line to their directors.

Our range planning booklet ‘Opening the plaY-room Door’ offers 24 enhanced margin deals from a selection of our Cenpac suppliers and is available to all AIS members. It is a safe and easy way to trial toys in your stores and there is no additional charge for members to join plaY-room. We just ask for all our members to be serious about toys.

For those members who have 1500 sq. ft. of floor space available we can consider a toy concession through our largest member SMF Ltd. Their seventh AIS store concession opened just before Christmas in Arnotts, Dublin and is leading the way in dynamic, visionary toy display. We offer three Toy shows each year. The two Import shows allow our members to access product which would otherwise not be available to them and the shows are vital to our members’ ability to deliver a realistic overall margin. Our Independent Toy and Gift Show in April features all the key suppliers under one roof including the big four: Lego, Hasbro, Mattel and Character option. Our show is the perfect forum for members to finalise their toy ranges in the run-up to Christmas.

We also encourage Children’s Gift suppliers to attend this show, as part of our drive to promote gifting opportunities for children to our membership. Giftbox is a regular bulletin which offers margin opportunities in product ranges purchased for children, but not classified as toys. Now could be the time for you to become serious about toys because, as we know, children are the future.

Miles Penhallow
Head of Toys and Children’s Gifts
Tel: 0121 713 4487