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CENPAC – or Central Payment of Accounts – is a fundamental part of the Group’s administration and affords considerable benefits to members and suppliers alike.

CENPAC provides:

  1. Advantageous settlement discounts for members.
  2. One direct debit payment to CENPAC to settle all supplier invoices.
  3. Regular and guaranteed payment for suppliers.
  4. Reduced administration for both members and suppliers.

CENPAC allows a member to settle all invoices from preferred AIS suppliers with one direct debit payment. It’s not difficult to imagine the savings in administration costs that a member can achieve as a result.

Additional Membership Benefits

CENPAC comes with a whole range of other membership benefits such as advantageous settlement discounts and extended payment terms. For suppliers, it means regular and guaranteed payments plus a greatly streamlined process.

“We consider that the economic administration and greater efficiency CENPAC provides to our business is a key benefit of our membership." 
Simon Fishpool, Fishpools Ltd

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